The Streets Are Talking

Street art photo exhibition showing July 15 to August 11, 2013. The Yellow Wall is located at The Chalet Cafe, 225 – 227 Kingsland Road, E2 8AN London, UK

I believe in the power of art to reclaim the streets and reach an audience that conventional gallery space neglects. The streets curate themselves following the cycle of seasons, fluxes in migration, neighbourhood contraction and expansion. The urban landscape constantly evolves as natural and man-made forces conspire to create an energy that cannot be replicated by either party alone. Street art comes alive only when the artist steps away and entrusts forces beyond his or her control to develop character and new meaning. Is anyone of us who we are today solely because of our creator?

These images were found on the streets of New York City and London in July-August 2012.

Visit Studio 75 and the Yellow Wall –

Lower East Side New York street art © 2013 Colin Cafferty

Give peace a chance

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